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Friday, September 28, 2012

September Fun







The days are winding down on our time as a family of three. In September we've made a concerted effort to do some things that we won't be able to do when the new baby comes. One important thing on our list was to visit with Baby Les and her parents. Nemo was pretty gentle with Les, who is about 8 months old, though she couldn't quite understand why Les didn't want her pacifiers at all times. Nemo kept handing them to her and Les wasn't really that interested. But other then that Nemo was interested in the "baby" as she calls Les so we'll see how she likes having her own baby at our house soon...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Three girls playing...

A few weeks ago we got together with Nemo's baby friends... One of them is moving overseas this month so it will be our last gathering for a while. Here they are in the Summer of 2012. It's so fun to have girls with my college friends that are all within a year of age...
searching for eggs
still searching
too funny!
it is amazing how big these girls are
moms and girls!

And just for kicks here's the three of them over the last two years...

Winter 2010
Spring 2011
Summer 2011
Fall 2011

Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby Les.....


It's delightful to meet an adorable tiny baby, especially when it's your very best friend's baby. Welcome to the world, Baby Les! We look forward to all the fun you are going to bring into our lives....

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Putting some thoughts to paper...

Today was appropriately cold for January. It was that deceiving kind of cold day that looks bright and sunshiny from in the house. I was foolish enough to be swayed by the brightness that I left my gloves in the house when I went on a quick errand. Mid-way to my destination I realized my hands are freezing on the ice cold steering wheel. This was only a mildly shocking reminder that the temperate days of December have left us and been replaced with bitter cold.

One of my very best friends had a baby about a week ago. On a very cold and wintery day a new baby came into the world. She's been in early labor since several days earlier in the week, so it was time. I've had people around me have babies and even had one myself but she's my closest friend to go through the experience. I found myself pausing all day to wonder how she is and how she's feeling. We had a brief 20 minute phone call and she's been humoring me by responding to my texts but I am longing to sit with her and hear all her thoughts on the experience. I know she's busy and no doubt occupied by gazing at her newborn (isn't that what everyone does???) She's now a mother, when I saw her a few weeks ago I laughed and said it would be the last time before she was a mom. Now she is. In a moment, a huge life transition. I feel like the reality of the transition set in slowly for me. Yes, there was the shock of no sleep and new life but now I look over the year and see my slow progression into thinking about my child's well being first and considering my choices as mother and a person not just an individual.

I've also been thinking about what it was like the day Nemo was born. The newness of being a family of three and the intense emotions. The blissful moments of new babyhood. The delight at finding myself cozied up to my darling partner and delicious new baby. In my saner moments I've been recalling my experience in childbirth and the process of recovering afterward. But even that was an empowering feeling, to see a new life come into the world, it's cliche but amazing to behold. There is a delightful joy in those new moments of life. When Nemo was born I found myself staring into the faces of my mother and husband both of whom were crying. I was simply relieved that labor was over and had a rush of wonderful feelings (probably the natural oxytocin!) just by looking at my baby. But that first moment is ingrained in my head and I hope will stay there forever.

Our first family shot

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in review...

Here's 2011 in review. I tried to limit my photos but as usual found that almost impossible. And yes, most of them are of Nemo, but she's my favorite subject so I'm not too sorry about it. Enjoy!

Farewell to 2011 and Welcome to 2012!

a 1-1-11
Yay for the New Year! Nemo and Caleb, January 2011
b 1-8-11
Tiny baby sleeping in the bouncy seat.. January 2011
c 2-2-11
Huge snowstorm that shut down the city in February 2011
d 2-4-11
One of many photo shoots...this is the pirate face, February 2011
e 2-18-11
A water leak in February led to a bathroom makeover, February 2011
f 2-26-11
Profile shoot in February 2011
g 3-18-11
Traveling to Central Illinois in March 2011
h 3-26-11
Auntie Amy and Nemo, March 2011
i 3-28-11
Titi and Nemo, March 2011
j 4-28-11
Baptism Day, April 2011
k 4-30-11
Adoring Titi's, April 2011
l 5-6-11
Major yard work, May 2011
m 5-10-11
Piano Lessons, May 2011
n 5-13-11
First Plane ride, May 2011
o 5-14-11
First time at the Ocean in Florida, May 2011
p 5-27-11
Seeing Babe the Blue Ox in Minnesota, May 2011
q 6-6-11
First food, avocado, June 2011
r 6-7-11
Thumb sucking, June 2011
r1 7-4-11
4th of July, 2011
s 6-27-11
Standing/pulling up, July 2011
t 7-22-11
Headed to MT, July 2011
u 7-23-11
On Whitefish Lake, July 2011
v 7-25-11
Beibler Gardens, July 2011
w 7-27-11
With Grandma-Great, July 2011
x 7-28-11
"Indie" Family, August 2011
x1 8-4-11
Auntie Abby and Nemo, August 2011
x2 8-3-11
Grandpa's Gold Chain, August 2011
y 8-12-11
Laughing with Grammie, August 2011
z 8-17-11JPG
Titi's new place, August 2011
z1 8-30-11
Visiting Daddy's office downtown, August 2011
z2 9-11-11
Learning to kayak with Titi at Church Retreat, September 2011
z3 9-18-11
Strolling the Lawndale 5K, September 2011
z4 9-21-11
Laughing, September 2011
z5 9-27-11
Playing on porch, October 2011
z7 10-3-11
Apple picking at Crane's, October 2011
z8 10-28-11
Picking pumpkins, October 2011
z8 10-31-11
Halloween, October 2011
z9 11-9-11
Turning 1 and getting a sugar rush! November 2011
z9 11-14-11
Elzinga Wedding! November 2011
zzz 12-20-11
Walking at Christmas,  December 2011