Tuesday, February 28, 2012

At Grandma Great's house a little while back...

Having lunch with Great Auntie Jane
Hands on head seems to be pretty common lately
With Great Grandpa's fancy walking stick
Everyone is so funny!
With Grammie

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Amy Inspired, 2010

I debated putting my thoughts about this book on the good old blog. Mostly because I like to be supportive of writers, especially those that may be newer in their career. But I want to record my readings in an authentic way so that includes books I didn't really like or think very well written.

This book didn't strike a positive cord with me for several reasons. First, the plot is labored and it seems artificially forced. Second, there was this undertone of religious faith in a very disinteresting way. Third, the ending was so cliche! I should also admit that I don't really like Christian fiction as a genre, in fact usually I stay far away from it. I know other people love it and thats great! It's just not for me. I do read lots of books with religious themes and imagery and find them amazingly compelling. Perhaps it's my Reformed theology, but I prefer to have the faith story emerge from the narrative of life rather than present in the forced fashion I usually find in Christian fiction.

I want to say one other thing about this book, I think it is difficult to write about a writer. The main character is a young woman who is scraping by on adjunct teaching work in order to devote herself to writing fiction. She appears to be fairly unsuccessful on the writing front thus far which also seems to be true in her personal life. But it's hard to write about what you are doing, I think replicating the practice of writing onto your character can be more complicated than many writers can accomplish well.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Still talking about cloth diapers...

If you'd like to see what else I've been saying about cloth diapers check this out...

intense puzzles

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Moon Over Manifest, 2010

This book has the unique distinction of being the first that I've read on my e-reader. I have to say it's pretty cool to check out a book from the library and have it instantly downloaded to my computer. A little strange as well, since I've always enjoyed the feel of books in my hands. I suspect I read this a bit slower since it was disorienting at first to read on a screen instead of the pages of a book. But as I got into it I forgot the medium and just appreciated the story.

The best way to describe this story is that it's a gentle narrative that draws you in using layered plot lines. The tale jumps between two time periods in the same town with the narrator's discovery process operating as the focal point. The story is set in the summertime and the young girls' exploration of their sleepy town's history leads the reader along through war, sickness, secrets and family relations. It's an uncomplicated story where all of the pieces seem to fit nicely together at the end. I found it satisfying to read but not particularly complicated. That may be partly due to the fact that it's written for youth (I seem to be stumbling upon a lot of youth novels lately).

So how does this book relate to faith? The main character Abilene never gives up faith in her father's desire to love her even when that seems in question. She also holds onto a belief that somehow all the stories are tied together and will make sense in time. Perhaps it is simply her determination to make sense of her world that ties the reader to something beyond just present reality.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby Les.....


It's delightful to meet an adorable tiny baby, especially when it's your very best friend's baby. Welcome to the world, Baby Les! We look forward to all the fun you are going to bring into our lives....