About Us

What do you want to know?
  • I just entered my 30's. I have recently been feeling that they are going to rock. I'll keep you posted. 
  • My immediate circle includes my fabulous partner, Minimal Spin Daddy, and my super fun daughter, Nemo who was born in 2010. Also I live three blocks from my parents and both of my sisters are around all the time. We have what we like to affectionately call, "the commune."
  • I round out my life with work as a psychologist and plenty of time with my close friends and members of my community. This blog is a place to think out loud, make notes and just generally document our lives. Self-indulgent, yes; relevant, hopefully!
  • So where does the name of the blog come from?
    • It has it's origins in a brainstorm of my partner, who is always coming up with creative ideas. He blogged about why he chose the moniker for himself in this entry. Basically, he wants to poke fun at the "truth altering" we all seem to do when discussing parenting and the day-to-day of our child raising. He's also mocking a certain public figure's assertion of "no spin political commentary".  (Don't worry, MSD is NOT a fan!)
  • But why did I choose it as my platform? 
    • Well, I like that it mirrors my partner's blog name but it's still my own space. I also tend to agree with him that we see the world through our own unique lens and tell our story from that perspective. I suppose as I tell my story my "spin" also comes across... I'll try to keep it to a minimum.