Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It is amazingly warm and sunny today. Almost feels like summer, in October... sometimes Chicago weather is so weird. I bet next week it is 40 degrees. Seriously, the weather here is strange.

But today is so warm, sunny and bright. It's also noisy outside because people are out on their porches or driving by or walking the block trying to soak in whatever sunshine we can store for the coming cold weather. I've got the windows open and we're listening to the city sounds come in through the windows.

Nemo and I are having a fabulous day, enjoying the sunshine and entertaining surprise visitors. (One of my college friends stopped by which was very exciting, especially since it was random!)

It's a good day, nothing special or unusual, I'm trying to squeeze my grading and planning into the moments when Nemo sleeps. And when she wakes we'll play, fold laundry and think about new adventures to go on... it's a good day.

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