Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Making a fun project!

So today we decided to try something at Grandma's house and we spent the afternoon making two tents. MSD and I got the wood and put them together and Grandma Nancy and I sewed a couple of old sheets she had as the covers. We think they turned out pretty cool!

Here's a few pictures of the finished projects:

This is a sheet that Dave and Nancy
got as a wedding gift
This Sesame Street sheet was MSD's when he was little
Two tents, one for home and one for Grandma's house!
My inspiration for this project was the following websites:

This was a super fun project that took us just the afternoon to get together. Nemo took a look at the tents and had a good time running through them with her toys. I'm excited for her to play with it as she gets older. I always loved tents as a kid and this one is awesome because we can fold it up when we aren't playing with it.

Here's a few pictures from Christmas Eve....




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