Monday, March 19, 2012

Totally Nemo...

These two pictures completely sum up my daughter right now. We call this the "scrunch face" and it usually means she is delighted with life or trying to get a laugh. Her daddy loves this face and she'll often give him a couple of nose sniffs just to get a smile. She's also figured out what the camera is and ofter responds to my lens pointed in her direction with this face. And she is usually rewarded with laughter from everyone around her. 

Nemo's into everything right now, she's busy exploring her surroundings. So much so that she's developed some selective hearing, as in she will only respond to her name if she feels like stopping what she is doing. This is made worse when we are outside navigating the yard!. She can sign a few words but only says mama, dada and nigh-nigh out loud. More to come in the words department soon I'm sure. 

She's also developing some attitude. When she doesn't get her way she's started letting you know that she's unhappy with a few screams and perhaps some throwing of her body onto the floor. I struggle not to laugh out loud at her tiny meltdown over losing her grip on some insignificant object. Most of the time she is a delight to be around laughing, smiling and generally happy to see anyone she encounters. But I see a bit of her own free will starting to exert itself as she gains more mastery over her little world. 

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