Sunday, October 13, 2013

Simba turns one!

Yesterday, Simba turned 1 year old. We had a quiet day with balloons, a cupcake and fun playtime. (More partying is to come next week!) Our little girl welcomed in the end of her first year with much of our usual routine and few new things thrown in. As I was reflecting on her first year I am struck by the simple joy that this baby has brought to us and the fact that this year has FLOWN by.

Simba takes in the world and carefully processes it all before she gives out smiles or anything else. She is cautious with others but delighted with her family. She laughs hardest at her sister. And she likes to be rocked by her mama (though Mimi will do in a pinch)! She giggles for her daddy and enjoys lots of people watching in her life. She is a thinker who has started to study books (she will pull each book out of the bin and focus on the pages for quite a long time). Simba is also mellow and seems to take life in stride. She likes to sleep but is not too keen on crawling yet. She is just right for our family and we are grateful to have her.

Happiest of birthdays baby girl!

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